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Is there a statue of limitations on a misdemeanor warrant

Wyandotte, MI |

back in 1989 i was arrested for a DUI ..i was pulled over for a traffic violation the other day and the officer told me that i had a warrant for my arrest back from 1991...i did go to court for the violation and was suppose to go to probation and pay 1300 dollars for the fine within 10 days and i left the state to go to work!! what should i do about this warrant??

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  1. There is a statute of limitations for DUIs (called OWIs in Michigan). The statute of limitation is six years. The only problem is that the statute of limitations only means they have six years to charge you. Once they charge you (IE put in a warrant for your arrest), the statute of limitations doesn't apply. That being said, given the age of the alleged crime, a good attorney should be able to get you an extremely good result.

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  2. Only a statute of limitation on the time that they have to charge you. There is never a statute of limitations on an outstanding bench warrant or arrest warrant. However, as my colleague indicated, it will be hard to reconstruct a 6-year-old DUI case - witnesses have moved, officers have left, etc. However, best to hire an attorney and turn yourself in and get the case resolved. The longer that you wait, the worse it will get as far as the bond that the judge sets and any sentence that they could impose if they can reconstruct the case.

  3. No SOL. Hire a local lawyer to clear it for you.

    I am a criminal defense attorney practicing in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City. The above information is not a substitution for a meeting whereas all potential legal issues can be discussed.

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