Is there a special Affidavit of Title when an Executor sells a decedent's real estate?

I am an Executor selling the decedent's personal real estate. Is the normal affidavit of title acceptable, or is there a special form for an Executor?

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Michael T Millar

Michael T Millar

Litigation Lawyer - Toms River, NJ

The affidavit of title for an executor does differ slightly from the "typical" affidavit of title.
It will include a representation that no state or federal estate taxes are due.

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Brad Michael Micklin

Brad Michael Micklin

Estate Planning Attorney - Nutley, NJ

There are no different forms. However, completing the forms requires knowledge of the affidavit of time and other necessary documents to affect the transfer of title.
You should speak with an experienced attorney who is familiar with these areas of law.

Good luck.

Brad M. Micklin, Esq.
187 Washington Ave., Suite 2F
Nutley, NJ 07110

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Kenneth A White

Kenneth A White

Family Law Attorney - Edison, NJ

Brad Michael Micklin has provided a competent answer.

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