Is there a site to help with a non disclosure, not compete agreement that is needed for an employee

Asked over 1 year ago - Southfield, MI

Employee has been trained and has learned alot about a business that includes...wanting to secure that he will not take training and then do his own business using the model. There has been much information in regards to customers, their personal information and we want to put something into place that he signs to keep any and all information private and secure. Thank you

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    Answered . We are attorneys. We draft these.

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    Answered . If I understand you correctly, are you wanting a confidentiality/non-compete agreement for your employee? If so, forget about a "site" to get those agreements, you need an experienced attorney to draft one for you. The reason you should use an attorney, instead of a stock form, is because an attorney can draft an agreement that is tailor made for your business; which is better than a "one size fits all" stock form because it can give you more protections and/or be better suited for your specific line of business. Besides, you may have other issues that you are unaware of, and an attorney may be able to help you with those new issues as well. I assume you wanted a "site" because you believed you could save some money and draft the agreement yourself, which is totally understandable. However, you should remember that "preemptive legal fees" are always cheaper than "crisis legal fees".

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    Answered . I'm a Michigan licensed attorney. Since 2001 I've addressed noncompete legal issues, including drafting and litigating disputes involving such agreements. Based on this experience, I'd like to offer two points in addition to the links below that address your question. First, a fair number of the noncompete lawsuits I've been involved in arose because the agreement was poorly drafted or was ambiguous (see the links below). For this reason, if the information you want to protect is valuable, then think of working with a noncompete attorney as a modest investment. Second, in regard to your request for site about noncompete agreements, I don't think there is anything wrong with a prospective client researching a legal issue in anticipation of meeting with an attorney. An educated client is much easier to work with. But going back to the first point, it is dangerous to assume that Googling or using a free form from a website can take the place of working with experienced legal counsel. You probably would not rely on the Internet for your medical needs and the same caution should be used when it comes to your business needs.

    At the very least taking a few minutes to talk to a noncompete attorney won't hurt and you may be surprised at how cost-effective the engagement might be, especially when it comes to protecting "mission critical" information to your business. I hope this helps.

    I'm licensed to practice law in Michigan ( My response is provided only to educate the public... more

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