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Is there a set of rules adult probation officers have to follow, or do they do what they want?

Urbana, OH |
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My boyfriend is on felony probation. I am not a felon or on probation. Last month I got charged with possession of marijuana in my home. My boyfriends PO informed me that we were unable to have contact until I was able to pass a drug screen. My boyfriend is clean and he didn't violate him for anything. I have since then passed 2 drug test, I am in counseling and I attend AA/NA 5-6 times a week. His PO told me after the first passed test that after he talked to my boyfriend on his check in day (8-11-10) that we could have contact. Well he lied and told him no, check in next month. This no contact isn't court ordered, its just something he told us. Is he allowed to do this? and can my boyfriend get violated if we are caught having contact?

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Your boyfriend needs to contact his lawyer. He should know anyway, and he can explain the special conditions.

You should have retained an attorney. Your boyfriend's PO has no authority over you, only your boyfriend.

You might want to stop and think for a while where your life is headed. The attitude reflected in your questions is not healthy.

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