Is there a set amount or percentage that a storage unit facility is allowed to charge for late fees in Connecticut?

I have a storage unit that charges me late fees three times a month. The amount that they charge winds up doubling the cost of the unit. They are charging close to 100 percent in fees.

Colchester, CT -

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Renee Mayerson Cannella

Renee Mayerson Cannella

Debt Collection Attorney - Stamford, CT

Look at the agreement that you signed when you rented the unit. They can charge what is in that contract. By signing it you agreed to their terms. If they are charging you more than is provided for in the contract you can address that with them. Its a good idea to evaluate the value of the items you have in storage vs. the cost of storing them. If the cost of storing them exceeds their value to you and in addition you are unable to pay timely perhaps its time to dispose of them or relocate them.

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