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Is there a restraining order against me?

Chicago, IL |

What's the best, i.e. preferably confidential yet reliable, way to find out if there's a restraining order against me that would have been obtained by an acquaintance, i.e. not a family or household member. Acquaintance and I both live in Cook County. Worried I may not have been served because I was out of town for a long time.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. It is highly unlikely that a non-family member acquaintance could even obtain an Order of Protection or No Contact Order (not a restraining order) against you as that person would not qualify to secure such an order. However, you can look up any cases in which you are a party in Cook County, by checking the online case information on the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk website.

    If you are actually asking about a temporary restraining order, which is probably not the case, then you will also find that, as well as traffic tickets, divorce cases, collection cases, etc if you are a party.

  2. Non-relatives can get what's called an "Order of Protection" if they feel threatened and if the court agrees upon its being initially presented for consideration. Until you are served, however, the order is not effective, but once you are served then it is effective until the next court date(s) and a hearing on the substance of the charges, at which time it could be confirmed (and made permanent for up to about 2 years) or "dissolved". If you are concerned the person filed a charge against you and that an Order of Protection was issued subject to service on you, you would be able to contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County or Cook County Sheriff (who normally be responsible for initial service of process) and/or check on line, or you can have an attorney do so.

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