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Is there a period of time after conviction that i am not required to disclose a felony in maine on a job application

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i was convicted of 3 felonies in 2003 a&b d/w knife, a&b and armed assault with intent to kill i do understand they are all serious offenses and all stem from same incident which was self defense but deemed excessive force i spent 3 years in state prison and only that short because it was in self defense and i am finding it impossible to find a job since moving here had one really good job lost because of record i have a family to support they dont want people like me to commit crimes but they dont want me to be able to get a job to take care of my family either not sure what my options are

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I suppose it depends what the actual language says on the job application. For example, if it asked whether or not you had any felony convictions within the last 5 years, the the answer would be no. If it asks whether or not you have ever had any felony convictions, then the answer would be yes. You shouldn't lie about it on the application because when an employer does find out--and they will--they would likely terminate you, which it sounds like you have already experienced. Some employers might appreciate you simply being up front about your past and explaining the circumstances. Building up a solid work history, even if with temporary work, is a good start. There are certain agencies out there who specialize in assisting people with felony convictions in the job search process. Take a look at the link I have included below for an example.

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