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Is there a number to call and pay my past due speeding ticket?

San Jose, CA |

I got a ticket about a year ago and had was unemployed at the time it took me a long time to find a job but FINALLLYYY i have one and one of my priorities is paying that ticket but a neighbor told me that there could be an arrest warrant so now im afraid to go to the police dep and ask what if I go end up arrested and loose my job :S is there a way to find out?

I never refused to pay I just didnt have the money

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  1. Here you go:

    San Jose:
    Santa Clara:

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  2. If you never dealt with the ticket you also have a failure to appear- which is a misdemeanor added to the ticket. If you get stopped you could get arrested. I would suggest hiring an attorney to deal with the warrant and ticket. You can always check online with the court or go to the DMV and get a printout of your record.