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Is there a legal document that I can get releasing myself and my insurer of liability hosting someone else's livestock?

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I have a small mini-farm that I was letting a neighbor graze their cattle on for free because I was cutting the grass ( 2 acres ) by a riding mower but it is dangerous, I almost broke my neck in the past mowing this plus it's also time consuming and costly, I have since switched home-owner's insurance and was told that the new insurance company frowns on hosting other people's livestock due to liability issues, what can I do to protect myself and my insurer against any potential claims short of switching insurance companies or going back to mowing this, what please are my options if any
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Sorry about the poor punctuation. I have already called a local attorney and the woman that answered the phone was not any help, good thing that I knew about this website or I'd be lost.

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Your neighbor may have his/her cattle insured, including liability coverage, or you can require it, -and you could have the owner add you as an additional insured on his policy.

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If the local lawyer you called cannot help you, seek out another local lawyer.
As suggested, there are a number of different ways to handle this situation and it will be up to you and your lawyer to determine which approach is best for you.

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