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Is there a legal avenue for payday advances if I am offering to settle in 2 payments. Company will not accept my offer

Maryville, TN |

Offered to make 2 payments - tomorrow and in 2 weeks and was told they would not accept my offer but wanted to add additional fees and will garnish my wages.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. A settlement is a private agreement between two parties with a dispute. There is no legal basis to force someone to agree to a settlement. A creditor is well within their rights to demand full payment, they don't have to settle.

  2. They do not have to accept your offer. Of course, if you are paying on the debt, the likelihood of them suing you decreases.

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  3. I would agree with the two attorneys who have previously answered this question, and would add that you should request they provide you with a written statement regarding any extra fees they want to tack on.

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