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Is there a difference between federal tax return and w2? Please I'm confused

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Is there a difference between federal tax return and w2? Please I'm confused... I'm filing for my spouse and I have my w2 but don't understand if it is different from tax return

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A tax return is a form (or set of forms) used to report your income from all sources and the tax due on said income; whereas, a W-2 is a form that your employer uses to report wages paid to you. You should include the information from the W-2 on your tax return, along with information related to any other income you earned during the year.

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The W-2 is a return which is filed by an employer to report amounts paid to an employee (along with amounts withheld or paid to others on the employee's behalf). Your tax return is the place where you report your income (including, but not limited to, the income shown on your W-2) to the federal or state government. For most individuals, the federal income tax return filed will generally be in the 1040 series (1040EZ, 1040A, 1040). Since you are confused, I strongly suggest that you seek the help of an experienced tax preparer, so that you can make sure any returns you are required to file can be determined, prepared, and filed properly and on time.

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Your personal tax return is an IRS Form 1040. The W-2 is a form used by your employer to report (to you and to the IRS) your wages. So the W-2 is important to your return, but does not take the place of your return.

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