Is there a deadline for when a traffic citation and/or summons must be sent?

I was advised by an officer a month ago that I would be receiving a citation in the mail. Five days from today will mark one month since the date of filing and I have yet to receive the citation. Is there a deadline for when a citation and/or summons must be sent? What if I never receive them? What if a hearing is scheduled without me ever being informed of the same? I've done a docket search online which showed that there is a judge assigned and they are awaiting my plea, yet I wouldn’t know this unless I did the search online. How can I defend myself when I'm being kept out of the loop in terms of the basis for the officer's charges in addition to the court proceedings? I intend to fight this wholeheartedly as the citation is unjust yet I need the paperwork to do so.

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Michael Curtis Greenberg

Michael Curtis Greenberg

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Camden, NJ

Promptly enter plea of not guilty. Ask District Court for copy of Citation. Worst thing you can do would be to let hearing date pass bye without defending Citation. Please take a look at my client reviews for my representation in defense of traffic Citations, If I may be of assistance to you,please do not hesitate to give me a call. Good luck to you.

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Michael Kotik

Michael Kotik

Criminal Defense Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

I would get a lawyer for the citation. Furthermore, your lawyer should go and explain to the court that you never received any notice of the citation. That should buy him/her more time to prep for the case.

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Zev Goldstein

Zev Goldstein

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Monsey, NY

Here in NY the limit is 2 years.
You should check with a local attorney for the exact time limit in your state.
Never the less, I don't think that a month is a short amount of time for a traffic matter.
The volume of traffic tickets in enormous.

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