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Is there a cheaper was to get verbatim transcripts from a criminal trial?

Spring, TX |

I'm trying to help my brother. I spoke with the court reported from his trial and she's charging me $5 a page for the transcript. It's over 1000 pages... I thought if I had it, that would help me, and any gracious attorney, advocate his innocence. I've been told if he has a public defender to represent him, the county would pick up the tab. Unfortunately, because of new findings, I don't believe a public defender will do any good, now. Is there a cheaper way of getting it?

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  1. No.

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  2. The purpose of getting the trial transcripts would be for an appeal. As you said, if he has a court-appointed attorney representing him on appeal, the county will pick up the tab, so start with that.

  3. Most court reporters tape record the proceedings at the same time they are typing. Try contacting the court reporter and see if they will sell you the tape for less that what they'd charge to transcribe it for you.

  4. If your brother is indigent, meaning he has no money (usually if he is in custody he is indigent) then he is entitled to a free record. If the court insists that he can pay for the record, you are entitled to have a hearing to establish his indigency in order to get a free record. Alternatively, if you have a court-appointed attorney (public defender or not), they always have access to a free record in order to review the case for the appeal. The appellate attorney can give you access to the record to make copies etc.

    Good luck!

    Carmen M. Roe
    Attorney at Law

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