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Is the respondent allowed to change accounts and make all income not available to the petitioner and child?

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Closed joint accounts and made all access of money unavailable to myself and child. When, he was instructed not to do so until we are finalized with the courts. He makes monthly deposits into my account in another state but won't let me know how much the paycheck was. So he could be hiding money from me and not paying the full amount hes supposed to. It states on the divorce paper not to change accounts or hide money, is he allowed to do this?

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No, this is a violation of the preliminary injunction issued in every divorce matter. Based on your facts given, I would recommend filing for temporary orders for child support, spousal maintenance, and access to all community property accounts. You also need to inform the Court of the violation of the preliminary injunction.

My recommendation would be that you obtain a free consultation from a family law attorney to review your case before taking action.

Good luck!

Judd S. Nemiro
Law Offices of Judd S. Nemiro, PLLC

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