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Is the Property that my G-mother signed a Quit Claim deed over to me mine??

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My mother and G-father died in 99' and 03' leaving my G-mother in charge of the estate--In 05' I moved into my G-mothers house because I needed a place to live and no one was living in her home due to my Uncle put my G-mother in a Nursing Home-he had Guardianship over her and I lived there for 5 mos. and he demanded I pay him rent or he was going to evicted me so I went to my G-mother and told her what he was doing and she said No that's my house and that I could stay there as long as I wanted and she agreed to sign a Quit Claim deed over to me which I had witnessed and notarized and filed w the county. The justice of the peace sided with him and I was evicted. My G-mom died in 07' and I continue to get Tax papers on the house. Is this Property mine? There is actually more to this though

The more I actually needed to say and tell you was that prior to my uncle having guardianship his "girlfriend" / wife had a Power of Attorney for "health" and I had a Power of Attorney for her and her Property which those two P. o A.'s (Hers and Mine) were filed within a month of each other---hers first then mine--then just to be certain he couldn't evict me-- which wound up happening anyway-- My G-mother and I filed all my Quit Claim deeds before he had legal guardianship--

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If your uncle truly had a legal (court ordered) guardianship of your grandmother she had no legal capacity to transfer the property and the Deed is void.
However as you state there is actually more though. Consult with an experienced real estate attorney.

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I agree with the previous answer and you need to take all of your documents and evidence to an attorney locally many offer free consultations and will sort through your options quickly. If the taxes are not paid there will be a tax auction.
Good Luck

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You should have a qualified local attorney review all the documents and go over your options sooner rather than later. Competing POA's can be confusing and muddy the water with regard to transfers and division of responsibilities.

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You need to hire an experienced probate attorney who can gather the relevant facts and documents so you can then receive meaningful legal advice. The answers here are not going to solve your problem.

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