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Is the price range of 2,500 to 5,000 lawyer fine enough to make an outcome difference in .093 DUI case?

Athens, GA |

I have heard that if I am going to chose a lawyer to represent me and I don't plan on pleading not guilty, that I should just chose the cheaper lawyer because I will not get the results I want with 5,000 I will only get those results for a lawyer priced 10,000 or more. Is this true?

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  1. Under Georgia law, there are minimum requirements upon any DUI plea or conviction. Even a first conviction carries at least half a dozen penalties. With this being said, no attorney can change the law, however, there are a multitude of other issues that an attorney's experience will help guide you through. License suspension issues, possible defenses, and successfully completing any sentence are just a few examples.

    Lawyers come at all different price ranges, however, looking at their credentials should be the most important factor in deciding who you will entrust with your defense.

    Evan A. Watson is a Georgia licensed attorney. All information is based on Georgia law, and no response should be construed as legal advice. Additionally, this response does not create an attorney/client relationship. The response is simply a form of legal education and is intended to provide general information for all readers. Please refer with an attorney who practices in your applicable state for non-Georgia legal questions.

  2. There is no easy answer to that question. It depends on whether you want a jury trial or a trial before a judge only. It depends on whether you have a case that could be won on motions. Some lawyers charge a flat fee for the whole case whether plea or jury. Some charge a staggered fee for cases with a trial and without; with motions and without; or with a jury and without. The best way to determine if the lawyer your are consulting is a lawyer "that can make a difference" is by asking friends for a referral, checking client reviews, checking for lawyer endorsements. Martindale-Hubbell ranks lawyers by ability and ethics as does Sometimes even the best lawyers can not make a difference, with that said every case must be judged on its on merits and you never know what a witness is really going to say until you put them under oath on the witness stand. Good Luck.

    No legal advice should be obtained from this response alone. This response is a matter of attorney opinion only. George C. Creal, Jr., P.C. is Georgia Professional Corporation authorized to practice law in the State of Georgia only and all information contained in this response is intended for use for DUI/DWIs occurring in the State of Georgia. Individuals with DUI/DWIs from outside the State of Georgia should contact a licensed attorney in the state of occurrence of their DUI.

  3. That's totally untrue. Some attorneys can pass on savings to you because they intentionally control their own costs/overhead. I've conducted jury trials myself for less than $5,000 and won, often dealing with difficult facts. While you shouldn't trust someone who offers to take on your case for a thousand dollars or two, the $3k-$5k range can be quite trustworthy. If you have an attorney you've met with and are comfortable with after your consultation, the argument that you "get what you pay for" doesn't necessarily mean you have to pay someone $10,000 to get good representation. Another lawyer may in fact be just as knowledgeable and hard-working for much less, and may offer payment plans. Call us at 404-987-0245 if you would like to discuss further, and best wishes to you!

  4. Without a consultation, it is impossible to say what your representation cost will be. Paying big dollars will get you a big name but it does not guarantee any better results.

    Your case needs to analyzed. Factors to look at include did the officer have probable cause for the stop, were you given your implied consent warning, were the test results accurate, was the test properly administered etc., is there video that would provide evidence that you were or were not impaired, is this your first DUI. The list goes on and on. It is possible that you can reach an agreement to plea to a lesser charge before trial which would make your defense less expensive.

    Personally, I charge a fee to represent you up until trial and then an additional fee if it goes that far. I will give you professional an competent representation, charge a reasonable fee and in some cases work out payment plans.

    As we stated, there are many consequences to pleading guilty to a DUI. You do need to weigh your options carefully. A consultation will help. If you would like to discuss it with me, please feel free to contact me at (678) 994-4091.

    Kind regards,

    Wes Hill

    This response does not create an attorney client relationship nor should the advice be relied upon because it is not specific to your legal situation. Before you depend on legal advice, you should retain competent counsel.

  5. I don't practice in your jurisdiction so its hard to say if this is a reasonable fee. I have heard of $10,000 being normal in some places in this country and $3,000 being ridiculously high in others. While there is an old addage that "good lawyers aren't cheap and cheap lawyers aren't good" I do think that some of the comments by others before warrant serious consideration. There can be some very talentend lawyers who don't charge that much simply because their business model permits them to charge a more competitive rate. While others may charge over the top fees, but not be worth that expense. My advice: speak with several lawyers in your area. You will get an idea of what the local market dictates is a reasonable fee. Then find the lawyer that you are most professionally confident in, and most personally comfortable with.

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