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Is the landlord responsible for a tenant's noise disturbance? i.e. barking dog and the tenant won't do anything about it

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Residential neighborhood where houses are 15 feet apart or less, barking dog at all hours, I yell at dog to shut up, neighbors hear me yell at dog and yell at me, but don't stop dog from barking. I want to write to the property owner, who probably does not know this is going on, the tenant has been there 2 months. Is the owner / landlord responsible for the tenant's behavior regarding municipal ordinance violations, noise ordinance, barking nuisance.

What if the tenant continues to break city ordinances and verbally harass a neighbor after the landlord AND City Animal Control has been informed in writing of the nuisance?

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I suggest you first try to talk to your neighbor, perhaps invite them for coffee or a glass of wine, and discuss the problem. If that fails write to the landlord. If that fails call the police about the nuisance and see if they will speak to the neighbors. If there are other concerned neighbors see if you can enlist their help with the matter. I believe that only a code violation could make the owner liable for some enforcement action by the regulating authority. As a last resort you might consider a lawsuit against the dog's owners for nuisance, but that would be expensive and might not make living next to those neighbors any easier even if you win.

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