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Is the financial litigation unit a debt collector under the fdcpa and if so do they have to validate debt if asked to do so?

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the corporate victim closed their doors 5 years ago and there is no successor to the debt. the successor attorney stated that they did not purchase my debt from the victim and wished me good luck. I am now asking that they validate the debt because they are trying to subpoena my spouses joint account. however I was removed from the account and hopefully that will quash the motion. Think I may have a chance to get this debt vacated or stayed until my 2255 motion is answered? it has been 2.5 years and 4 judges have been assigned and they all get off. I know that I should be granted full relief because I am actually innocent. interested to know more about my case, send information. I don't mind paying a fee to speak with you.

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  1. Okay so was this a personal debt or a corporate debt?

  2. If you are trying to find a lawyer, you need to look one (or more) up on AVVO and contact them. Lawyers can't solicit your business in this forum. I can't tell if they think it's your wife's debt or if they still think it's your debt. Either way, the person contacting you needs to clarify what their role is. Something is puzzling about being wished good luck, as if that lawyer is not the one issuing the subpoena. But without seeing the papers, I can't say what is going on. Maybe you can ask your question again and clarify what the subpoena says.

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  3. Have there been criminal charges filed against someone...possibly yourself? 2255 motions are used in Federal Criminal Court.