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Is the custodial parent required to provide his new address to the non-custodial parent after moving?

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My friend is going through determining parental rights and currently is the non-custodial parent but visitation is just about equal at this point. She was not married and the paperwork has been filed to start determining parenting rights. This week, the custodial parent moved and will not tell her the new address. Is there a law and motion to be filed to get this information?

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    Normally both parents are required to provide the other parent with a current mailing address, phone number and email address. The one exception to this would be if one of the parents has a restraining order against the other preventing any contact. There is not really a form to file. I am surprised that the court did not require that of both parents. You can take a blank motion and simply modify it to request the disclosure of the address. Best wishes.

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  2. This is completely stupid. The idea that a parent would move and not tell the other parent drives judges crazy. Tell your friend to send a police note to the re-located parent asking for the information. If that fails, tell the same friend to talk to a family law attorney about the situation.

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  3. There is no statute that requires parents to provide the other with their address. However, most judges believe (except in protection order cases or cases where someone's life has been threatened) that both parents should know a physical address for the other parent. Not providing an address will be frowned upon by the judge or magistrate. If I have a client who is behaving that way, I correct the behavior very quickly.