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Is the company I work for covered under the FLSA?

Austin, TX |

I have been researching overtime laws. I work in TX as an office manager and from what I've read I'm entitled to overtime pay if the company I work for is covered under the FLSA, how do I find out if the company I work for is cover under the FLSA? or are all companys covered under FLSA?

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These questions give you a head start. Do you work for

A Federal, state, or local government agency
A hospital, or an institution primarily engaged in the care of the sick, the aged, or the mentally ill or mentally retarded who live on site
A pre-school; elementary or secondary school or college/university; or a school for mentally or physically handicapped or gifted children
A company/organization with annual dollar volume of sales or receipts in the amount of $500,000

If so you might well.


The company must have gross revenues of over 500K and also be engaged in interstate commerce (which nearly every company is). Speak to an attorney.


Not all companies are covered by the FLSA but even if your employer does not fall within FLSA then it may be covered by the analogous wage protections under the Texas Payday Law. The federal DOL website has good information about FLSA coverage.



I work for a very small company that barely grossed over 500k in 2013 but what if they dont gross over 500k in 2014 does that mean they wont be covered anymore? I am really just trying to figure out if I am entitled to overtime pay and i dont want to pursue unless I know for sure mainly because i dont want to waste anyones time.


If you are being required to perform work in excess of 40 hours per week, and the employer is not compensating you for the time, and if you are not an exempt employee, you may have a claim for unpaid overtime wages under both State and Federal law. I have provided links, below, to the Fair Labor Standards Act web pages for the Department of Labor and the Texas Workforce Commission. Hopefully they will help you determine if you need to consult an employment attorney in your area. Good luck.

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