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Is that usual to file a criminal complaint extensive and with documents as exhibits to prove, Detective still want s to FILM

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Victim's statement, even though some of the crimes have been confessed and admitted on the record of a civil suit?
This is a case of stalking and victim continues to be exposed by Police, when there is restraining order in place and prove of criminal acts against victim. Victim does not want any more exposure to stalker, is there a reason or is victim obligated to give a recorded statement even when there are transcripts and confessions in and out of court to stalking?
Is there any statute to protect victim? What is going on here? No arrest made for the confessed crimes. Does not Florida has anti-stalking severe Statutes? Help!

They want my statement for the criminal case to be FILMED., instead of the already written one they have with all documents attached. Can they deny to file charges if I refuse to be FILMED? I still fear for my life. A restraining order does not keep a creep from doing wrong.

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    I will be honest here. Your question is very confusing. As far as charges, the police have the discretion to charge or not charge and ultimately even if they charge someone the State has the last decision as to the filing of any charges. I am not sure why the police want to film you. That does sound quite odd and I would be concerned.

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  2. The prosecution has many methods of gathering information in order to file possible charges. Why they specifically want to film a statement is a question only they can answer. However, they also are the only ones who can file criminal charges so your co operation is important.
    You may want to have your own attorney inquire for you and be present at any meeting with the state.

  3. The State can compel you to speak certain phrases, stand in a lineup, provide handwriting exemplars, and wear items of clothing (think of the OJ Simpson trial and the now-infamous glove). Generally, that must be accomplished via a subpoena if done post arrest.

    You need to hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP.

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