Is that legal to put lien on they house if you not get paid !

i have been working as self employed sub-contractor ! my company closed and i didn't get paid for jobs i did month ago . i found different company and get hire from them but contracting company is same Directv satellite TV. how i can get my money please help me ! my ex boss want to hold my money for 90 day but i sure his not gonna pay me after 90 days .

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Clayton Harold Walker Jr.

Clayton Harold Walker Jr.

Business Attorney - Anchorage, AK

In Alaska you have to file your mechanics Lien within 90 days of last performing work. If the contractor talks you into delaying action for 90 days before you see a lawyer, you've lost your most valuable tool to get paid. If you file the mechanics lien wrong it may be invalid and you don't get paid. Contractors, material-men, suppliers and workers that build and improve property should seek counsel if they haven't received payment within 45 days from last performing work on a project. The time may be shorter on new construction if the owner issues a certificate of completion. The time may be shorter in your state.

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