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Is restraining order appropriate?

Las Vegas, NV |

Two weeks ago I moved in with a "friend" of mine into her apartment. She told me I could "stay as long as I like".
Three days later she told me to to get out. My boss, who is a lawyer but not a practicing attorney got involved and informed them that if they want to remove me they have to follow NRS 118A. They changed their tune a bit and asked me to sign a paper. On the paper was written that I would "stay their for a 'couple' of weeks" but was not a "room mate" and they could "ask me to leave whenever they felt". The paper had been signed when I received it.
Now, just 3 days after that I am being told that I have to come get my stuff and move out.

What can I do to protect me and my personal belongings? Should I file a restraining order and/or file for unlawful eviction?

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  1. The key is whether you qualify as a "tenant" under Nevada landlord/tenant code. Your boss was mistaken, because it is unlikely you are a tenant as defined by NRS 118A. Under landlord tenant code, “Tenant” means a person entitled under a rental agreement to occupy a dwelling unit to the exclusion of others. Unless you were under a rental agreement, you are simply a guest, and they can ask you to leave any time they want.

    The law does not allow you to occupy a space for free. You have to leave if they ask you.

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