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Is purchasing an escort legal in CA?

Los Angeles, CA |

I just turned 18, got my trust fund, and got a new car. With my money I want to pay for a sexy female escort so I can finally lose my virginity. Last time I checked prostitution was illegal, right? What constitutes prostitution? Is hiring an escort illegal? I'm a rookie at this, how should I got about? Any attorneys out there bought an escort before? I heard that they can be undercover cops.
Thanks dude.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. There is nothing unlawful about hiring an escort in CA. Most municipalities require escort services to be licensed or registered.

    What you have in mind is not hiring an escort but hiring a prostitute. That is unlawful and it is unlikely that anyone here will write you the instructions for how to get away with it.

    You really don't need anyone here to provide you with a technical description of the differences between hiring an escort and hiring a prostitute. You are young, naive, and possibly stupid (see below), but you did not fall to earth last week.

    You really don't want a conviction for prostitution on your record. The penalties aren't so terribly harsh, but it's an unsavory conviction on your criminal record that can foreclose many future opportunities, and it can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities and wages and other kinds of benefits, over the course of your life. At 18, it would be stupid of you to allow whole segments of adult life and the economy to fall away from your grasp for good. In today's hook-up culture, for a guy with a trust fund and a car, even if it's $400 dollars and a Kia, this plan makes no economic sense whatsoever.

    And, yes, "they" can be undercover cops. You cannot even imagine how high the potential for that is. And it doesn't sound to me like you are the guy who will recognize any of the signs and know how to successfully evade that kind of law enforcement. So, take some of the trust funds and set them aside for any of the truly skilled criminal defense attorneys that participate here. You'll need the money at hand quickly to bail out and retain counsel.

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  2. Hagopian is correct. 18 years old, a trust fund and a new car, they will treat you like a king in Nevada. Then, when your money runs out, you will the guy who lost his virginity and broke as the day he was born a virgin. You can purchase an escort but your cannot legally engage in prostitution. I suggest asking that girl that was always nice to you in high school on a date. Who knowa, problems sometimes solve themselves. Good luck youngblood.

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