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Is overthrowing a condo board without voting them out illegal and is planning to do so conspiracy?

Hardwick, MA |

I was the sole member of a condo board and continued to do the job for 3.5 years after my legal elected term ended because no one else wanted to do it. After I had started collections on units by hiring an attorney and not using small claims anymore, two unit owners with the help of one family friend started secret meetings to overthrow me. They got the majority of owners(7 out of 12 who were also behind) to believe that I wasn't the president and I couldn't be by default and started their own board and told them without any proof I was an embezzler and I was going to foreclose on them. I wasn't voted out, it was a very hostile take over and now I am being singled out because I took the reigns and worked it all by myself for more than 4 years.

I continued to do the work and I signed off on all legal documents and hired contractors when needed. I also did a majority of the maintenance around the units and the only problems I got were from the unit owners who did not want to pay their fees. The associations gives rules on how to vote out current leadership and vote in new, but since they didn't think they could swing the vote, they just said my position was invalid . So one, Was it legal to just start a new board and not vote me out and pressure me out? Two, if it wasn't legal for them to do that, could this be considered conspiracy to do something illegal since they held private meetings and planned to do this?

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    You really need to consult an attorney to review the condominium rules and regulations with respect to voting rights and continuing on in your position after your term expired. Civil conspiracy is fairly difficult to prove but you still may have rights and remedies that you should discuss with an attorney, such as collecting whatever fees you were entitled to collect and reimbursement for expenses incurred. An attorney may also be of help to deal with all the other owners ganging up on you. Best of luck.

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  2. You need to have an attorney review the rules to determine what the correct procedure should have been in this regards.

  3. The condo docs will dictate how boards are elected. Sounds as if you haven't even had an annual meeting and election in a while, and many condo docs will say officers continue in office until their successor is elected. The other owners cannot just "elect" a board. The rules for calling a special meeting of the unit owners that is set forth in your documents has to be followed. Best that you get such a meeting set up an conduct an interim election until the next annual meeting as both sides here are creating a lot of legal limbo that could cause problems.

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