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Is naturalization possible with a Class B misdemeanor for driving with a suspended/invalid drivers lic due to unpaid surcharges?

I was pulled over in 02/2013, the officer gave me a ticket for expired registration, then he told me that my license is suspended/invalid, and he will have to take me to jail for it. The officer charged me with a Class B misdemeanor for driving with license suspended/invalid. Apparently, my license was suspended due to unpaid surcharges on speeding tickets that I wasn't aware of, I have never been in trouble before, and I am about to apply for my citizenship. The case is still in court till now, but I am about to reach a plea with the DA, if I can't knock it down to a Class C, can I still apply right after I finish the Class B deferred adjudication? Or do I have to wait 5 years to show moral character even though the case is not a CIMT case, but still a Class B with deferred adjud.?

Austin, TX -

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David Alexander Volk

David Alexander Volk

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Antonio, TX

Firstly, do not do anything until you sit down and speak with an immigration attorney. Pay them their consultation fee and ask them for an advisement letter and give it to the attorney handling your DWLI. You;d be surprised on how well that can influence the outcome of your criminal case. As you probably have read, naturalization is based on a showing of good moral character amongst other things, and criminal cases of any kind are one of many factors considered. Bottom line, speak with an immigration attorney and pay them a fee to put on paper the best course of action and advise on naturalization.

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