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Is my misdemeanor record still on file if incident occurred back in 2002 when I was 17?

Houston, TX |

I was arrested when I was 17 at Macy's for stealing 20.00 item but I never would have got arrested if I would have called my dad to pick me up but I was too scare and they charge me as an adult. I stay overnight in prison didn't have to go see a judge at all my parents they bail me out. I am 29 years old now and I want to get my para legal license but they asking me if I ever been convicted of a misdemeanor do I need to answer yes and explain what happen or do you think the misdemeanor is off my record now? The crime happen in New Orleans but I live in Houston, TX now.

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You should check with the state of Louisiana. It is likely part of your criminal history in that state as of now. However, you may have available to you some means of getting the arrest record/criminal history sealed or expunged. No one can answer your question without knowing what the disposition of the case was.

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I agree with Ms. Kemp that you should make inquiry in Louisiana about the status of this record. It should be reasonably inexpensive to have a criminal defense lawyer in New Orleans check the records and determine the precise status to the case and exactly what happened. That lawyer should be able to advise you about any way to clean things up if you do have a record there.

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You may have a bit of an advantage there, because I believe that Louisiana considers 17 year olds to be juveniles for criminal purposes (if that had happened in Texas, you'd be charged as an adult, and any resulting conviction would be a lifelong thing). I'm not completely sure about that, having never practiced law there, so you need to check with a Louisiana attorney on re subject. You should also be able to call the court that handled the case and ask them. If it WAS a juvenile case, they should refuse to confirm anything over the phone, and actually may or may not still have any records in existence to confirm. They'll at least be able to tell you whether at 17, you would have been considered a juvenile or an adult. You could also try reposting your question here, but giving a Louisiana location, so that Louisiana attorneys will answer it. But the only way to be sure is to hire an attorney to investigate exactly what happened with all that, so that would be my suggestion. Good luck.


To answer your question about whether you should answer affirmatively to the paralegal application's inquiry, the answer is YES, you should be honest and upfront about it. If there's anything I've learned in life, failing to disclose a past lapse in judgment--especially from your teenage years!--is much worse than the result you'd get if you just answered truthfully and explained that you were young and dumb and you learned a valuable life lesson out of the whole mess.

The above is for academic purposes and is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.

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