Is my landlord responsible for bills due to damages?

I rent a trailer in Scott City, MO. I had a water pipe break under my trailer during a week of very heavy rain, and during this time that I was unable to identify the leak vs. the rain water, I lost 40000 gallons of water, and it put an extra $147 on my water bill. As soon as the rain stopped, and I realized there was a problem, I called my landlord, and he fixed it. The water company took 47 dollars from my bill for sewage, as the water didn't go through sewage. Theres still $100 on my bill for the actual 40000 gallons. My landlord said that while the pipe are his responsibility, I didn't tell him as soon as it happened (it was raining! i didn't know!), and he will pay nothing on this bill. What should I do legally, as I don't have money for this, and it IS his responsibility, yes?

Saint Louis, MO -

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Matthew S. Chase

Matthew S. Chase

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Saint Louis, MO

It is possible that technically, under your lease, your landlord may be responsible for this; it is equally likely that your lease contemplates such third-party charges as not something the landlord is responsible for. Your lease would have to be read to see which. However, the cost of fighting it may well not be worth the fight. It's $100. Use it as a bit of ammunition when you re-negotiate your renewal lease, assuming you want to stay and there is any room for negotiation...

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