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Is my friend responsible for replacing my stolen item with a new one. PLEASE HELP!

Riverside, CA |

my friend is responsible for my macbook pro being stolen. she agreed to replace it but when she gave me the replacement, she gave me a REFURBISHED one instead of a new one. I bought my macbook pro from the store NEW and still luckily have the original receipt for it. she bought it refurbished form apple for 200 less. I am not a fan of things being refurbished. it scares the living day light out of me because i do not know WHY or HOW it came to be refurbished. it could have been spilled liquid on it, an infectious virus idk but i have never bought refurbished and I am not happy with the replacement. I feel cheated. Is she obligated to buy me a new macbook pro instead of the refurbished one?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You are right.

    Negotiate for the one you know is full replacement value

  2. She should have replaced the stolen item with a like item. You don't say when you purchased your macbook. If yours was not actually new, but a few years old, she might not be required to buy you a brand new one. More facts would be needed.