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Is my ex in contempt of court if i have joint legal custody and she moves out of state and does not discuss anything with me?

Brandon, MS |

i have joint legal custody of my child and my ex has full physical custody. Can I file contempt of court charges for my ex not discussing matters (school, medical, etc)with me regarding my daughter when she abruptly moved out of state. She did give the required 7 days notice of change of address through the courts. I have no idea where my daughter goes to school,who her teachers are, or what kind of grades she is making. When I saw her recently, she said she was in counseling, but my ex has not discussed any of that with me.

As far as I know, in Mississippi, there are no laws that prohibit her from moving out of state.

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It’s hard to know if your divorce decree states what is and is not expected of you, when it comes to co-parenting a child. She should be sharing things like grades, the school your child is attending, open house or parent’s night at school, school pictures, the health of your child, etc.

Is your ex in contempt? Read your divorce decree carefully. If she is following the provisions, then she is not in contempt. Also, while she may or may not be in contempt, I think you could ask for a modification due to this move. For example, who is paying for the additional transportation? Speak to a local family law attorney.

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