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Is my ex husband allowed to block my number from my daughters cell phone?

Scottsdale, AZ |

My ex husband bought our 11 yr old daughter a cell phone at christmas. He recently upgraded the phone so she would get unlimited mins and texting. For the first 2 weeks of her having the new phone we would talk and text. I tried calling her last night and found out he blocked my number & her stepfathers number from her phone. I called the ex and asked him why I was blocked. He said that he pays the bill and doesnt want me contacting her on her phone. I can call her on his phone in the evening only. She is left alone at his house in the morning for a few hours while he is at work & before school starts. I have no way of reaching her to check on her. My ex's girlfriend, family, her friends & strangers are able to call/text her but me as her mother am not allowed to. Can he do this?

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You will need to file a motion with the judge assigned to your case to address this problem. The judge may order him to unblock the phone number, or the judge may decide that he does not have to allow you to contact your daughter during his parenting time. You should consult with a lawyer who can better advocate on your behalf to the judge.

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