Is my boyfriend's probation officer likely to violate him?

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My boyfriend is currently on felony probation and about a week ago he lost his job. It only took him a day to find a new one so it wasn't a big issue. He went in yesterday to report to his probation officer and wrote down that he had obtained other employment (he wasn't trying to hide this and was very forth coming with all the information.) His PO wasn't in office so he seen someone different and reported everything. Later that night we get a call from his PO saying he didn't report that he had a new job when he got it and his PO was VERY angry with my boyfriend and told him to come in next week but didn't say why. Is he probably violated? He hasn't done anything to get violated purposely. Could he face serious jail time for this if violated? This is just a misunderstanding...

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I also would like to add that we have children together and I am a stay at home mom while he is the primary bread bringer. If he were to go back to jail, it would put a SERIOUS financial strain on me and our children. I understand his PO acting this way if he had committed another offense or been arrested, but this just seems very extreme as he has been very compliant and stayed out of trouble. Very worried about this upcoming meeting. Are we right to be worried or are we jumping to worst case scenario? Thanks in advance for any advice..

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    Answered . He should go see the probation officer on Monday and sort this out. It is always easier to ask for permission rather than forgiveness. There is clearly a disconnect between the probation officer and the supervisor.

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    Answered . He needs to talk to his PO immediately to clear this up! If there is a move to revoke, he needs a criminal defense attorney to help.

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    Answered . Highly unlikely your boyfriend will be violated. Probably a miscommunication. I would advise your boyfriend to do his best to get on the good side of the probation officer. How? Ask the probation officer--What do I have to do to get on your good side and stay there?

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    Answered . You should be getting an attorney. On this site , what you are likely to get is a bunch of guesses. You need someone to sit down and evaluate your case in a confidential setting.

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