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Is mediation classes mandatory in will county Illinois in divorce case?

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Is mediation classes mandatory in will county Illinois in divorce case?

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  1. No, mediation is not mandatory but it is commonly ordered in contested cases.

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  2. No, but mediation may be ordered if there are issues pertaining to custody or visitation.

  3. You may be confusing 2 requirements. A parenting class is required prior to a final child custody order will be entered. The class is not very long: an afternoon or an evening, and you even get college credit for it . Mediation sessions are only required if you and your spouse/former boyfriend/former girlfriend cannot reach an agreement on custody or visitation.

    This is a general answer and does not address the specifics of your individual case. To give the specific answer you need our firm needs you to come in for a consultation.

  4. Mediation is not a class. It is oje or more sessions ordeed by the court when parties cannot agree to certain parenting issues. If ordered, then it is mandatory. pursuant to Supreme Court Rule.

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