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Is it worth it to fight a speeding ticket received on a service road along side a highway in the bronx

Bronx, NY |

I have not had a moving violation in over 30 years. The location was southbound on the Bruckner Expressway service road just after a highway entrance north of Castle Hill Ave.

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It is best to fight the ticket. You are not only risking the fine and increased points on your license, you may also wind up paying a higher insurance premium if you have points on your license.

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I would say it is worth your while to fight the ticket.
While there is no guarantee you will win, the amount of money you could save in fines and insurance increases justifies a attorney's fee.
Good luck either way.

This is not legal advice. If order to give you legal advice i would need to see the Tickets and talk to the court first. Good luck:)

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Since the viability of successfully defending against a charge depends on all the details, it is not so much if you should fight it because it was a service road, etc., but if the cost and risk attendant to fighting the ticket are worth it. Contact a V&T atty to discuss it, since the cost will be a factor I am sure you will want to consider.

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Whenever a motorist is facing points, fines and potential insurance increases, I would advise them to always fight the ticket. The conviction rate for pleading guilty is 100 percent! Points related to a speeding ticket range from 3-11. If a motorist accumulates 11 points in 18 months or 3 speeds in 18 months, their privilege to drive in NY will be in jeopardy.

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, the people (the police officer) has the burden of proof not you. There is no plea bargaining in the city of New York, a motorist is either guilty or not guilty, I would advise you to seek representation.

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