Is it worth disputing a property damage claim on auto insurance?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Sunnyvale, CA

Someone rear hit my bumper on a small street around a big mall area. Police said it is still considered parking area so no police report. I filed a claim on his insurance since I only have liability coverage. I got a denial from the claim and reason is "the insured states that they did not make impact with your vehicle and there is no corresponding damage to our insured's vehicle to support your claim".

Now, is it worth disputing this claim and suing on a small claims court? If so, what evidences are needed and what chances I will have to win? The property damage I'm claiming maybe set around $500-$1k. Also, my car is already 12yrs old but in an excellent condition. Please help advise!

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  1. Lisa Douglas

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    Answered . What proof do you have as to who impacted your car? Even to file a small claims case you will still need to show your proof. Evidence could include photographs of the other persons car that impacted yours with the paint still showing on their vehicle. Other evidence could include any eyewitnesses. With the cost of litigation, small claims may be your better route if you can come up with the proof you need to prevail in your claim. Good luck.

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  2. Scott J. Corwin


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    Answered . Small claims court is always an option. If you were injured in the accident, then you should seek medical attention immediately and consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. I have over 20 years of experience protecting my clients' rights and getting them the settlement claims they deserve.

  3. Daniel Nelson Deasy

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    Answered . If the time and effort is of no important to you, take your case to small claims. As noted in other answers, however, you still have to prove your case and show it is more likely than not that the other car hit you!

    Objective evidence would be a great place to start (not just your word).

    Good luck!

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  4. John Noah Kitta

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    Answered . You can show the Court a picture of the damages you sustained, and if you can find the other driver's car, take a picture and see if there is any noticeable damage. You will have to determine whether or not you noticed any damages to the other vehicle at the time of the accident; otherwise, if there is no witnesses, it is going to be a he said/she said situation and the Court may rule in favor of the most convincing participant. If someone saw your vehicle earlier that day and notices there was no such damage at that time, that could be a helpful witness.

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