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Is it unlawful Settlement Agreement: the patent 12/752,121 has been assigned and Settlement still claimed not to be assigned yet

Cupertino, CA |

I was the Defendant to be compelled to join the Settlement Conference by the Plaintiff. Even before the Settlement Conference, I already told and shown the evidence to the Plaintiff that the patent 12/752,121 has been assigned to Tang System and Anlinx has the exclusive right. As the contractor of the Plaintiff, the contractor has no right to give the patent right of patent application 12/752,121 to the Plaintiff. However, in the Plaintiff's lawyer prepared Settlement Agreement, the Plaintiff's lawyer still declared the Defendant having not assigned the patent application 12/752,121 and the Defendant still has the right to assign the patent application 12/752,121 to the Plaintiff. It is not the truth and fact. I cannot do it. Is this Settlement Agreement unlawful and not binding?

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  1. This is extremely unclear. Are you saying that you signed a settlement agreement, under which you are supposed to do something that you cannot do?

    If you did, I strongly suggest you take the settlement agreement to a lawyer and review it with him or her. It is not possible to advise you on the enforceability of the agreement without reading the agreement and knowing all the underlying facts of the case.

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