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Is it true the an auto accident lawyer of persoanl injuries also take care of person property damage for the car at no additiona

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in others words if car is totaled or needs repair the check the insurance gives you for the car is for the owner of the car and the lawyers take no percentage of that of charges you for auto dispute the only charge and take a percentage for settlement you get in personal injury related to the crash, the you substained in the car crash, and can a lawyer always figth with the insurance if they do not offer you a fair price for the values of the car if it is totaled

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  1. Attorneys only get a contingent fee on the personal injury settlement and not the property damage claim though we do assist in the property damage portion of the claim.

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  2. Oftentimes yes. You should check with individual lawyers as to how they handle this situation. Good luck.

  3. A good lawyer should handle the property damage component of your case for you at no additional cost.

  4. I don't usually charge a fee for helping clients with property damage claims if there is a bodily injury claim from the same crash. If I recover a great deal more then the value of the vehicle then I may charge a fee.

    If the property damage offer is not reasonable by the at fault drivers insurance company then I tell my clients to make a collision claim toward their own insurance and let your insurance company go after the at fault drivers insurance to recover the deductible you have to pay.

    If my client has no collision coverage then I will include the property damage claim in the same law suit as the bodily injury suit. This does take time to get this resolved so the client will need another form of transportation in the mean time.

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  5. Reputable attorneys will resolve your property claim along with the personal injury claim.

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  6. It depends on the agreement that you have with whatever attorney that you hire. Generally, personal injury attorneys in Florida work on a contingent basis - meaning that they only get paid if you win the suit. However, clients and attorneys can always make other agreements, so long as such agreement does not circumvent any ethical obligation required by the attorney under his/her local rules.

    With that said, your question really turns on what agreement that you originally made with your attorney. He/She may take a percentage of of the repair settlement and he/she may take a percentage of the personal injury settllement. Check your original retainer agreement and that should probably lead you in the proper direction.

  7. that should be the case, helping the plaintiff with property damage should be done at no cost to the plaintiff

  8. Generally, attorneys do not charge for assisting clients with property damage claims; however, there are exceptions:

    1. When you file a claim for diminishment of value (DOV) when the other insurance company's driver is at-fault and the repairs rdo not restore your vehicle's full value. It is entirely reasonable for an attorney to charge a fee for the additional recovery.

    2. If the attorney is negotiating your injury claim and spends extra time dealing with the property damage issue as part of those negotiations, then this additional negotiation time could be counted in the attorney's costs. Time is an attorney's only means of making money. If he spends X+1 hours (X being the injury portion and 1 being the property damage portion) negotiating your settlement, then he isn't spending that additional hour on another client's case.

    3. Sometimes, in serious injury cases, an attorney will make what is called a "unilateral demand" for payment that involve payment for the injury and property damage claims. Such demand s must be "mirrored" or strictly obeyed. The attorney may or may not take a portion of your property damage recovery in such as case.

    In the end, as Attorney Paul Z. noted, the contract you sign with the attorney is what controls. All contracts with attorneys are negotiable, so you read the contract and decide if you accept the terms of the agreement.

    Personally, I don't charge for property damage recovery UNLESS the entire contract is about property damage. Sometimes, people aren't injury, and they merely want the other side to fix their car. If I think all that's required is a few phone calls and a letter or two, I may a flat fee to get you what you deserve. If, though, you think Insurance Company A owes you more for the value (a DOV claim) for repairing your Porsche, then I may take that type of case on a percentage-recovered basis because it is excess over the car's repair.

    Please also be aware that there are many ways of determining the value of a vehicle. Many times, clients expect to get what I call the "CraigsList Value" for their cars. On CraigsList, there is nothing governing what a person asks for their vehicle. Insurance companies use statistical software to determine a car's value (and whether it is worth repairing) by comparing how much reputable car-dealers charged for similar cars in similar conditions in your geographic region. The online calculators can get you close to that amount, but insurance companies pay for access to highly detailed information that you cannot usually obtain.

    If an insurance adjuster offers you an amount for a total loss, then ask to see his paperwork. You have a right to see how she calculated your car's value. Sometimes, adjusters forget to add option, take off too much money for wear and tear, or even use the wrong car model. A simple mistake of entering the wrong month for when the car was totaled can skew the values because a vehicle's can change dramatically from one month to the next.

    I hope this answers you question. Have your attorney e-mail me if he needs assistance with this issue.

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