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Is it true in a malpractice case that I can receive my medical records quicker than if my attorney made the request?

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Is it true in a malpractice case that I can receive my medical records quicker than if my attorney made the request?

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It is common that we find healthcare providers dragging their feet when producing records to a law office. Frequently, the staff has been instructed by the lawyers for the physician's office or hospital to do that so that the records can be reviewed in-house to determine why a law office may be requesting those records. They do this for obvious reasons. The dynamic is slightly different when a patient comes in requesting a copy of his or her own chart. If there is no clear indication that the records are going to be used to investigate a possible lawsuit situation we find that the records are produced much quicker. This is only one of a number of reasons why a client might be asked to obtain a copy of the chart directly.


Absolutely. Go pick them up in person and save yourself 2-3 months initial delay.

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If you already retained a lawyer, let them handle it. You don't want to contact the defendants (medical service provider organizations, who engaged in malpractice) and give them opportunities against you (you allegedly told their clerk blah blah blah ec). If you don't have a lawyer and if you want to see how much they lied, then you can order them youself. I doubt you can read them because they intentionally use messy hand writing.


In addition, the patient can get one copy free and the costs are substantial for the law office (and eventually the client)

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No. And you don't retain a lawyer only for the purpose of obtaining the medical record. You can get it yourself. Medical records are protected even from the lawyers.


I seem to be in the minority on this issue. Usually the patient can get them quicker, sometimes cheaper. The problem is that when patients get records, they often don't get everything they need. Health care providers are more likely to leave things out when the patient requests records. Talk to a lawyer before you start getting records and follow the lawyer's advice.

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I agree that it is true that a person requesting their own records can get them sooner than if they have an attorney request the records. I also agree that the records given to a plaintiff are usually not complete and may not tell the entire story. To that end the records the attorney receives are usually culled by defense and unless you are well versed in the forms a facility uses you may need to wait until discovery and request a document and form list and go through the records for completeness and altering

I tell people that medical malpractice cases are fun to handle in that I almost always find some irregularities in the records. This is less common with electronic records

Kenneth LaBore
Minnesota Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

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