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Is it slander if a former employer accuses you of theft, when you did not do it?

Grayson, KY |

Former employer accused me of stealing her jewelry, and then told all her friends that I did it. The jewelry was not found and I was followed by the police. I did not take it but in our small community I was still shamed or made out to be a thief. I was never charged, but this lead me to quit my employment with them. I am still followed and I am still being talked about. I did not take the jewelry. I have never been given a chance to prove this either. They did not have evidence that I had it but I was investigated. But said employer still tells all her friends that I did it. making it hard for me in our community. I did not take anything from them that they did not give me.

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    Absolutely. Accusing someone of a crime he or she did not commit constitutes defamation. You should consult with an attorney to determine what your options are. Ultimately, you would have to prove a negative, which can be difficult, but not impossible. Focusing on your employer's lack of a basis for the accusation, showing it could not have been you and that the employer failed to reasonably investigate before hurling the accusation against you will be helpful. Also, if your employer used the false accusation as a pretext to terminate you from the job, you may have additional remedies. Good luck!

  2. It sure is.

  3. If the above is uncontradicted It would appear that you may have a claim, the issue becomes what damages you would be able to prove.

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