Is it required or mandatory In Nassau County , NY To send out Letters of Petetion/ Trusteeship to all of the mentioned....

Beneficiaries mentioned in Last will and Testament or not? I did forget a major person? After 4 years will she notices can she cite me?If it was already probated?

Long Beach, NY -

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Cheryl Lynn Fratello

Cheryl Lynn Fratello

Probate Attorney - Woodbury, NY

Under the Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act, necessary parties (specifically listed in the statute) must be served with a Citation. Other persons in the will who are not entitled to receive a Citation must be mailed a notice of probate. When probating a will in New York, necessary parties should be properly served with the Citation. The Court will not have jurisdiction over a necessary party that was not cited, and cannot make the probate decree binding on that party.

I am a bit confused by your question, and would need additional information about the “major person” for a more comprehensive answer. You should speak to a New York estate attorney.

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