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Is it really worth the time and money to sue an uninsured driver?

Orting, WA |

My husband was involved in a three car accident. He was completely not at fault. The driver who caused the accident, does not have insurance. My husband's car is not insured. it is a young student who caused the accident and I'm wondering if suing is a smart option for us. It caused about $3000 worth of damage

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  1. Perhaps. Small claims court is user friendly and relatively inexpensive.

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  2. I would speak to a local personal injury/car accident attorney. He/she can investigate to verify whether the at-fault driver did not have any insurance. Furthermore, an attorney familiar with WA law might be able to find some insurance that actually attaches to the at-fault driver such as a situation where the student lives at home with parents and was driving a car that is not available for his "regular use." Are you sure the student was completely at fault or was the third driver at fault as well? Again, depending on what the police report says and WA law there might be another option there. Most attorneys offer free consultations so it will cost you nothing to speak with one. Your attorney can then give you advice on whether or not you have a viable claim. Good Luck!

  3. It costs very little to bring a small claims action against the responsible driver. That is the only real option.

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  4. Small claims is usually not expensive. Judgments are usually good for years and can be renewed. They usually carry interest as well. Todays student could be a well paid worker in a few years.

  5. If your husband is not hurt, and the only damages you are claiming is the $3,000 in property damage, I would say it is definitely worth your time to take the at fault driver to small claims court. You could also look into Washington State law which states that an uninsured driver can have his license suspended until all the damages he caused are paid in full.

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