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Is it possible to hire a criminal attorney for a phone call to reschedule a second appearance on the day of said appearance? I n

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I really need an attorney to help me and I am getting the funding together. Court is tomorrow. A warrant will be issued if I don't go. I can't get back to the cities. I need to know who would do this? And how much will it cost me fot the phone call?

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  1. An attorney can't request a continuance unless he/she represents you on the case. You could always request to have the court date continued, although it sounds like you aren't able to make it to court. It will obviously be difficult to retain an attorney on such short notice, but if you did them the attorney could explain to the judge why you weren't able to make it to court. Hopefully the judge would then decline to issue a warrant.

  2. Only the attorney of record in the case can do that, and no good attorney would become attorney of record in a case with being retained (and paid) first. Perhaps you could qualify for help from the Public Defender? You could retain a private criminal lawyer later. You can try to reschedule the court date on your own, though it's tougher to do on such short notice.

  3. With or without a lawyer, do not miss the hearing. You will need to send a lawyer with a signed waiver if you can't make it.

  4. Hello. You need to get on the phone to make direct arrangements to hire an attorney. This website is not a place for solicitation. The impression left by your post is that the sooner you are represented and receiving assistance and advice from your own attorney, the better for you. Some attorneys are available seven days for emergency legal needs. Many attorneys will confer initially at no charge. Then, if legal work is performed, some attorneys will provide a reduced fee for financial hardship. All the best.

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