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Is it possible to have NJMVC surcharges reduced?

Elizabeth, NJ |

I had a past DUI, which is over ten years ago, and I also have had a past identity theft, that I was not given oppurtunity to prove. In the interim, NJMVC explained to me that I have a suspended license due to surcharges in the amount of almost 23,000! I was blown away by that amount and wanted to know if there is a way to have them reduced if I pay off all the other fees (ie. restoration fee and alcohol fee). I was told that there is a mandatory minimum required (of $1123.) if I want to start a payment plan. I dont want to pay that until i see if i can get the total amount reduced first, if possible. please help!

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You have asked this question under the banner of DWI. But the DWI surcharge is $1,000 for 3 years. So obviously, if the number you owe is $23,000, then there are other surcharges within that amount and you are going to need to get a full accounting of what you have been surcharged for before anyone will be able to give you a reasoned response. In the event that this was a typo and you meant $3,000, I don't see any way that you will be able to reduce the amount. Especially if you have waited 10 years to take care of it.



actuially I was not aware that it was listed under the DWI banner until your response. I was asking if the amount is able to be reduced if there is proper payments made for the alcohol fee the 3 year surcharge imposed. I am in the process of checking what amounted to the full amount of surcharges (23,000). I am wondering if three years is the surcharge cap, then what could I possibly have amounted to the sum that high?

James Alexander Abate

James Alexander Abate


By first thought would be that you were involved in an accident and your insurance did not pay for an accident victim's damages. But its all guess work, so give the MVC a call and then you can deal with the facts.


I agree with Mr. Abate. You need to determine what those charges are for. The interest likely can not add to that much. You could redure the amount if the offender was not you. But the cost of that, PCRs in each town etc. will be substantial.


In the past, the NJMVC has offered amnesty programs to give people a chance to get back on their feet with reduced or staggered payments for overdue surcharges. You may want to contact the NJMVC to inquire about the possibility of such amnesty in your case.

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