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Is it possible to get probation when facing 3 felonies on a first offense

San Diego, CA |

i am currently being charged with attempted armed robbery , burglary and conspiracy

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  1. Anything is possible. What happens depends on all the circumstances and facts of your case and your situation; including your making the right choice of an attorney with experience who can fight for you.

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  2. Yes, it is possible. However, it is not going to happen without the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney exploring all options and looking at all the evidence. Do yourself a favor and hire an experiemced attorney to represent you.

  3. The answer to the question as stated is, as already said by Attorneys Daley and Thygerson, it's possible. The charges set forth are, on the surface, very serious charges; securing a probationary sentence in the event of a conviction will certainly require a very talented criminal defense attorney. That result will not happen naturally or as a result of normal procedure. Hire counsel ASAP.

  4. everything is possible. However, with the severity of the offenses you are facing I suspect that they are going to want you to serve some time. talk to your lawyer.

  5. Depending on how the case is negotiated or tried. A conviction in this type of case normally results in incarceration, but that is heavily dependent upon the facts of the case and the offender's history. It's the defense attorney's job to ensure the client is protrayed in the best possible light to ensure the best possible result.

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  6. You may be facing 1-2 presumptive prison felonies. Get the best locally experienced criminal defense attorney you can afford on your side.

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  7. Are these the charges for which you are seeking representation on payments?

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  8. It;s possible, but not with your charges.

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