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Is it possible to get my New York State pistol permit reinstated if revoked.

Batavia, NY |

Over thirty four years ago I moved to VA to become a Police officer. When we moved back a couple years ago. I found out my pistol permit was going to be revoked for not reporting I moved to Virginia. I went to apply for a new permit never realizing that my old one still existed. I never new this was a law.

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Is it possible as a matter of theory? Yes. Is it possible as a matter of practical reality? That all depends on what county you're in, which judge you have to go to, and what that judge ate for breakfast and/or lunch and how well it agreed with him or her. Pistol permits are wholly at the discretion of the local judge and his/her digestive tract.

From what I've seen online, the better thing to do before you apply would be to go down to the permits office and speak to the clerks there to see what they think. Granted, the clerks aren't the ones who decide whether you can have a permit or not, but if they've been there a while they'll know how the judge tends to go and should be able to give you some pointers on how best to present your case.

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