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Is it possible to get an extension for payment, or will I go to jail for violation of probation due to nonpayment?

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A friend of mine was charged and received fines and court fees. As a part of her terms she must repay before a certain date or it will be a violation of her probation terms. Is there a way she can avoid jail time or extend her payment arrangement?

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Only the judge who imposed the condition can alter it. If there are financial reasons that the payment cannot be made, the Judge has to be notified and a request made that the Court alter the condition. Good luck.

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I have always advised my clients: "Pay what you owe the court beforte anything else - it is the only bill you will probably ever have where if you don't pay, they will arrest you and put you in jail!" If you see someone in jail wearing only underpants, that's probably how the police pulled them out of their home at night on the warrant for not paying.

In my experience, most courts will try to work with people having trouble paying up to a point. Contact them ASAP about it.

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I agree with the first two answers given. You can go back to the Judge who originally issued the order and ask for additional time to pay, however, you should have a good reason for your request.

Good luck.

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The sentencing Judge may modify the conditions of probation and, in some cases, if allowable by statute, extend the probation to allow conditions to be met. Whether or not a violation occurs is up to the probaton department,.

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