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Is it possible to get a seized vehicle back

Tucson, AZ |

i was pulled over by dps for going to slow on the freeway but i was also caught with 13 pounds of marijuana which they pleaded down to 2 pounds but they seized my truck which i still owed 20,000 thousand dollars on they never allowed me to fight to get my truck back never sent any letters nothing everytime i tried to call to get info on how to fill paper work to get my truck back they said i have ti hire a lawyer this in pinal county in arizona. the county attorney never returnd my calls or the banks calls then claimed no one every filled interest in the truck is this legal

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Given your facts, it appears that you attempted to verbally assert an interest in the vehicle, but never followed through on the process by filing any formal written claim or opposition to what appears to be the forfeiture of the vehicle. There are procedures they need to follow, especially when there is a third-party interest (the bank). File a request for a copy of the forfeiture papers, get a copy of your plea paers to establish that the forfeiture was not a part of the plea, and consult directly with an experienced AZ criminal defense lawyer to determine what steps have been taken, or need to be taken to contest the forfeiture. You can also contact the bank to see what paperwork they have in regards to them asserting their interest as the third-party lender. Good luck.

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