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Is it possible to do a chapter 7 when your laywer only corresponds with me through the mail?

Montgomery, AL |

i have only seen my lawyer once. she sends me letters telling me what she needs and i take a package with all the documents that she requests to the lady at the front desk of her office. she never returns my calls. the last corresponence i recieved she said i should take the credit counciling course so she could file the petion. i am skepital should i be?

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    I see you live in Montgomery; I practice in the north end of Alabama, from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham to Anniston. You are right to be skeptical. A lawyer should meet with clients often and return their calls promptly. The greatest part of what lawyers do is answer questions. Because every person' s life is different, it takes time and attention to the details to get to know clients and provide for their unique legal needs; there are no short-cuts. Hire someone else.

  2. Absolutely. It is quite rudimentary to any attorney / client relationship that you should have a chance to meet with discuss your case with your lawyer. I am not saying that all communications must be in person, however, at very least, your first one should be. I would ask to meet with the lawyer face to face, and reevaluate whether you are comfortable embarking on a very serious legal matter with that particular attorney.

  3. Suffice it to say that your attorney should be returning your calls. While it may be your attorney's practice to gather information and documentation from you and communicate with you primarily through the mail, you have a right to expect to be able to speak to your attorney by phone or in person. It may be time for you to pay an office visit and request to speak face to face with your attorney. This should have the effect of either putting your mind at ease or providing you the motivation to seek the advice and/or services of another attorney in your community.
    Best of luck.

  4. The other answers nail the issue -- you should be able to meet with your lawyer. Sometimes as lawyers we may not make our clients come see us if they live far away or have medical or other issues that prevent them from coming to see us.

    But as a general rule I want to meet my clients. I want to see them face to face.

    My suggestion is write your lawyer -- explain your concerns -- and ask her to meet with you to solve the problem.

    A good lawyer will do this and often times there is simply a misunderstanding that gets resolved easily. If it doesn't, then you need to decide if you want to move forward with your lawyer -- your advisor and counselor -- being someone you can't even meet with....

    Best wishes

    John Watts
    Birmingham, Alabama

    No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. I am only licensed in Alabama and no information is intended to be legal advice. Instead, it is simply general education information to help encourage you to speak with a licensed lawyer in your state.

  5. I will handle a bankruptcy through the mail when my client is in prison or stationed overseas. This is an exception, and not a rule, because it can be difficult to verify someone's identity unless you meet them. This process is not how a professional relationship should be taking place barring exceptional circumstances. Hope this perspective helps!

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