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Is it possible to be paroled in less than 1/3 time?

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My husband was sentenced to 15 years with 3 years in prison on a technical probation violation. His original crime was possession of meth. He was on non-reporting status and moved within the county he was convicted. He did not know he was in violation for over 5 years. He was arrested after a traffic incident showed he had an arrest warrant issued against him. He has a clean record other than this and had a well paying job until he was arrested. He would be a very low risk to re-offend. What is the probability that the parole board will release him before he has served one year? How far behind is the parole board on seeing cases?

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Possible? Yes. Likely? No. For a felony sentence, inmates typically do at least two years before being considered. At the end of year two, your husband will be at 2/3 of his sentence and probably a good candidate for parole. Hire a lawyer to represent him at the parole board.

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Is it possible? Yes because the parole board does what they want to do. However, they are behind about six months in the review process so the likelihood of him doing less is not there unless he can hire an attorney to look into it.

The advise given is based on the general information provided in the question without any knowledge of the details or the criminal background of the person inquiring and the county in which the event occurred.

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