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Is it possible to be on probation in two different counties (L.A. & Santa Clara)?

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In August 2012, my fiancé was arrested in LA County and was sentenced to 90 days in jail (released the next day after serving 10 days and getting credit) and 3 years formal probation. In September 2012, we decided to move to Santa Clara County and have been living with my family (his probation knows, gave OK'd -- we go to LA once a month for him to check in, and his PO recently sent him papers to report via mail). In March 2013, he was cited for a misdemeanor PC 484/488 in Santa Clara County. His first court date is this morning, and we're both anxious... He has no prior offenses for theft, and this is his first offense in Santa Clara County. Is there a possibility they could place him on summary probation in Santa Clara County, while he's on formal probation in LA County?

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Yes it is possible. You may need to consult with a Los Angeles attorney as well as one up in Santa Clara to deal with the violation of probation depending on what happens with the theft case. The LA case with formal probation sounds like a felony but you do not say. Good luck.


Yes it's possible. The petty theft is a crime which usually results in bench probation but this new case is obviously a violation of his probation in LA. Depending on what he's on probation for in LA and his prior record, this could be a very serious matter. Hopefully his attorney is handling both matters in a coordinated way. If he doesn't have an attorney he should hire one immediately. Good luck



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